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Do I need a kiln?

You don’t need an expensive kiln to become a clay master. We use air-dry clay which enables you to sculpt and dry your masterpiece at home.

How long does it take to dry?

Once you have your piece sculpted you should leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. Thicker creations may take 3-4 days to dry completely  Let it dry naturally rather than using heat to avoid any cracking. Once the clay is fully dry you can crack open the paint.

Do you include paint in the kit?

The clay will dry a lovely natural light grey colour which we personally love, however for that extra sophisticated look you might like to paint your pot white. We have included white paint and brushes - if you want to add some colour, you'll need to grab some coloured acrylic paints. We offer acrylic paint sets which work perfectly on our clay. 

How long will the clay last in the bag?

If the sealed bags are left unopened, the clay will remain soft and moist for months. The clay is wrapped tightly inside the sealed bag preventing any contact with the air.

Will my pot be water resistant?

If you want to create a pot or dish that will be exposed to moisture e.g. a plant pot, you will need to cover it with a few layers of the sealant provided. Allow 30 minutes between layers of sealant and 24 hours before any exposure to moisture. 

A great tip is to keep your plant in the plastic nursing pot and remove it from your clay creation when you want to water it. 

Can I fire my piece at a local kiln?

Yes you can - you'll first need to take your piece for a 'bisque' firing to prepare it for glazing. Avoid applying the paint and sealant provided as this won't be allowed in the kiln.

Once your creation is bisque fired you can apply coloured glazes available online and in most pottery cafes. It will then need a final firing to complete the job. The clay can be fired between 1000°C and 1260°C.

Please make sure that the kiln is well vented (i.e. suitable extraction fan and canopy fitted allowing fumes to be safely removed from the kiln room). To find a kiln we recommend reaching out to local pottery cafes and studios to ask if they will fire your pieces for a small fee.

Can I eat / drink out of my creation?

Although you can seal your pot to give it some protection from water, without firing it in a kiln it won't be food safe. So please don't eat or drink from it.

How do I get started and create a masterpiece?

Our Sculpd kit contains everything you need create charming pots and clay sculptures with your friends and family. 

To get you started we've provided an illustrated step-by-step guide to making pinch pots and plant / succulent pots. However theres no need to stick to the guide if you don't want to - get creative with your clay! 

Make sure to show off your masterpiece with us on Instagram @sculpdit

How long does shipping take?

We deliver across Europe and delivery will take an estimated 3 days. To learn more about where we ship please visit our delivery page

But I have another question..

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