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Black Friday Weekend Bundles

A curated selection of three pottery bundles. If you're hunting for Christmas gifts, hosting a pottery night or planning a family pottery throwdown, we've got a discounted bundle for you!

Live while stocks last.

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Pottery Reinvented™


Step 1

Get a Sculpd Pottery Kit and any extra clay bags you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 clay bag per person (the kit contains two). You can now add a pastel paint set and a cactus as extra special additions to your kit!

Step 2

Time to get stuck in! Take a look at our included step-by-step pottery guide to learn basic techniques to make your own pinch pots, bowls, plant pots, and whatever else your weird and wonderful mind can conjure up.

Step 3

We've tested them all to find the best British AIR-DRY clay - so no need for a kiln. Let your creations dry for 24 - 48 hours. Now you can sand them down for a smooth finish ready for painting and sealing. Please don't eat or drink from your Sculpd creations (they're not food safe without a kiln firing).

What's Inside?

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Add a Cactus to your Kit!

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Colours Are Here!

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What's clay all about?

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Want More Clay?

Every kit contains enough air-dry clay for 2 people. If you're lucky enough to live in a house with more hands to feed, add an extra bag per person. There's plenty of tools and paint in the kit to go around.